Love wins.

It feels good to be back to writing again. I have been away from the blog due to work commitments. I normally write whilst on the train commuting to and from work. The past few days I have been driving due to change in location of where I was working.

Anyway, I attended a training on Prevent. Those in U.K. would know about this training. It is about learning strategies to combat terrorism. The fundamental of this training is that we all should look out for those who are vulnerable amongst us and at risk of been radicalised. Terrorism is indeed a global phenomena and it takes all forms. 

In a bid to educate and be educated we talk about current affairs on the dinner table with our teens. Their understanding of their world is very complex. Our slightly more mature son thinks differently to our passionate, feisty political daughter. My daughter feels we all need to love and respect one another regardless of where we come from or are based. She feels it’s wrong to mourn the loss of life in Manchester when the same even younger children are being killed in Syria. Rightfully so! We applaud her thinking and passion for the rights of all humanity.

We realise that our daughter loves to debate and she is able to think on her feet. Proud, yes we are. The environment she is in, fosters that kind of thinking and the need to express oneself. It is a good thing. We encourage that in our family. However, it doesn’t stop us realising her vulnerabilities too. Because she feels so strongly about certain things, in a wrong crowd she can fall prey to evil people. There are people who are waiting to feed our passions. These are the recruiters and radiclisers.

As parents, we continue to have conversations with our teens and channel their thinking in the right direction. 

Our children want to be heard. They want us to put our phones away while we talk to them. When we do that, they will do the same when we are talking to them too. 

Our children want our time more than anything else. Prioritise them and they will do the same. Let’s love one another and save the lives of our children from terrorism. 
As parents, let us be empowered and keep our children safe. We all are vulnerable at some point in life but we do not need to be radicalised.  For those whose children have turned away and are on the verge of being radicalised, talk to someone. There is help available. I believe those who went to Syria, their families saw the gradual changes in them but did not what to do. Often times, in our challenges as parents we can feel overhemeled and confused. Talking to someone helps.
Those who haven’t accessed the training or heard about it, there is a link below. For those reading from outside U.K. please access the link if you can. Terrorism is everywhere. Choose to be empowered today.

The training is provided by the Home office and can easily be accessed on their website.πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Hope conquers πŸ’ž
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