Mother’s day

Normally mother’s day in our household is centred all on me. This morning I woke up with a groaning for those who are struggling with celebrating this day. I stand in prayer with those who are finding motherhood hard. Those who are battling depression, anxiety and frustration. Those mothers who are standing on their own today, remembering those who left them to do all the work. You are not on your own.πŸ’•

My heart reaches out to those who feel unheard, unappreciated and unloved. I reach out to those whose children are faraway and you miss them so much! Receive His peace and courage today.

To those who struggle everyday like myself in getting it right, I say let’s forgive ourselves and be kind to ourselves. Let’s walk in His abounding grace knowing that He who made us mother’s, qualified us .Praying Gods love, grace and hope to those who may find today difficult. We stand with those whose mothers are no longer with us. We remember those who have been trying for sometime and those whose babies are now in heaven. We pray for those who are on their knees for their children for one reason or the other. May you know His peace and enduring mercies.

To the rest, keep on, keeping on and have a blessed Mother’s day. To my children, I love you β€πŸ™πŸ½

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. Hopefilledmama, I like reading your posts as they are both encouraging and educative. I feel that the Lord is using you to support and encourage women in different situations. #Youareavessel of honour.

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  2. Many at times motherhood is associated with childbearing, but thank you WOG for taking your time to give an insight of what true motherhood entails, it is encouraging to know that in this walk of parenting you are never alone and there is hope no matter the situation, remain blessed xx

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