Day 9

I wouldn’t call myself shy but they are certain things that used to confine me. Things such as people’s opinions, it mattered because I wanted to be accepted and fit in. Well, I am learning to let go of all that so that I can be everything I was created to be.

Today I choose growth. Growth is uncomfortable and scary in places but I am choosing it. I pray that you and I will be open to learning and growth. I pray that our eyes and ears will be attentive to things around us. I pray that we will be willing and obedient to His purpose so that we can enjoy the goodness of the land.

I ask for continued grace, patient, courage and commitment to motherhood. I pray for my teachers; friends, family and women in different social media platforms who are running their lanes with such determination, focus and clarity. I also pray for those who are watching and learning from me, may they find encouragement, purpose and fulfilment.

Growing in grace and hope ❤🙏🏽

2 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Yes to this post! I used to struggle with people pleasing until I decided I had had enough and that’s what started my self-development journey. I couldn’t agree more on this statement ‘Growth is uncomfortable and scary in places but I am choosing it’.
    You my darling are an inspiration. Thanks for this treasured post x

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