Building a legacy and heritage of prayer

Webinar 30.09.19 September was our month of praying for families. After the 30 days, we came together, in celebration and wanting to strategise the way forward. Testimonies of being energised in prayer and being intentional were shared on our Whatsapp group. So where do we go from here, was the question. How does a workingContinue reading “Building a legacy and heritage of prayer”

Public speaking

Effective speaker note So I have been public speaking for some time, formally in respectable circles for 5years. My career in public health formalised the role as I taught in postnatal groups. Prior to that, I had been teaching in Sunday school. These roles, helped me to horn my skills in communication. The NHS leadershipContinue reading “Public speaking”

Inter-parental conflict & our children

Webinar 5.9.19 We agreed that conflict is part of a healthy relationship. As a community of mothers we acknowledged that it is important to have the right tools and strategies to manage conflict(s) in the family home. -It was asserted that first and foremost it is key that parents have a family vision. This visionContinue reading “Inter-parental conflict & our children”

Courageous Parenting

Webinar 20.06.2019 This above flier 👆🏾summarises the conversation we were having last night on the *webinar* about being courageous parents -Being on guard as parents, means looking out for the interest of our families. Being fully involved and invested in their lives including knowing what they are watching and listening to. Do you know yourContinue reading “Courageous Parenting”

Mums matter

Mums do matter. A cliche’, yes, it may sound just about that, however, this is today’s theme for peri natal mental health awareness week. The week long campaign serves to raise awareness on this not talked about issue of mental health during and after pregnancy. Mental health in certain communities is difficulty to talk aboutContinue reading “Mums matter”

Motherhood: career, studying and family juggle.

Came across this facebook memory and a flood emotions came through. The year is 2011, April 27th to be exact. I was undertaking a postgrad certificate in Critical Care. It was an interesting time from the commute to juggling work and family. I got through it, passed whilst planning our marriage blessing back home. LookingContinue reading “Motherhood: career, studying and family juggle.”