We are back with our annual #back2school prayers. Prayers kick off on 1st of September till 30th on Mondays- Fridays at 6am for 30mins via Zoom. To join, use link below:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6335913172?pwd=TmhDcFVKa2w3Qjc3cEVhYkF2TDVZdz09 Passcode: SCHOOL

Over the years, those sessions tend to cover key areas around our children and their education.


As first generation migrant parents, we KNOW that we are not well versed with educational systems, policies, procedures, legislation, governance, curriculum, ethos, values and framework.

We know that an average school day is 7️⃣ hours long meaning our children spend MORE time at school than at home during term time.

We KNOW that schools are places of education, growth and have an impact on future opportunities and life chances.

We KNOW that schools/ uni are places of social intergration, development and FUN.

We KNOW that teachers are trusted adults with huge responsibilities of not only supervising and keeping our children safe but also IDENTIFYING and nurturing our children’s gifts and talents. We understand how pivotal teachers can be.

We KNOW that as parents, we are the key teachers and role models for our children. We are POWERFUL.

We understand that at times, the school/ university as an institution, it’s values, beliefs and curriculum can be challenging for most parents.

We appreciate that if you want go far, you go with others (African Proverb).

We do know Him who says “Call to me and I will answer you. I will show you great and mighty things you do not know “ Jeremiah 33:3 (paraphrased) We believe in His word.

He also tells us that ;

“Never be anxious or worry about anything, rather tell me about all the things that bother you and I will do a divine exchange with my peace that surpasses all understanding”

Phillipians 4:6 paraphrased*

We know that we are those who are handpicked, qualified and perfected to raise our children. With that, we are intentional with the assignment.

We know that prayer works. We are confident of Him we pray to that He hears and answers prayer.

This is WHY we do these back to school prayers.

To find out more about the prayers and all other activities that we get up to, click here.

Prayed for the home as a learning environment.