Parenting workshop

Join us on the 11th of February 2023 in Liverpool as we discuss supporting your child with their mental wellness.

Topics to discuss will include:

-what is mental illness

-types of mental illness

-causes of mental ill health

-Role of parent in supporting with mental wellness

Baby shower December 2017

‘Remember to be gentle with yourself as a mom’

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‘Be intentional in pursuit of your purpose’

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Your relationships are key to your growth, nurture them’

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‘Behold, children are a gift from the Lord’


‘You are a power bridge’ Ziwa
‘How can we not talk about families when it’s all we have’ Fadzai

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Parenting in diaspora is hard, but we have each other .’ ekhaya bar & grill

You are called & qualified to your children

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Safeguarding Children-Training

‘Together we can’ @ Royal Society of Medicine, London
“You are the prophet in the lives of your children. Open your mouth and speak”
International Women’s Day 2020-Aylesbury
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