Facebook live

Thank you very much to all those who joined us at 3pm GMT. We were talking the challenges of parenting and Below is a short summary of some of the take-aways from the session. ‚ú®Remember in our parenting journey, connection with our children is key. Be available mentally, emotionally and physically. ‚ú®Prioritise your children. LetContinue reading “Facebook live”

Our children and their sexual health

Webinar 3.10.18 Growing up in Zimbabwe, sex was a taboo and not talked about. The expectation was that one should stay pure and be a virgin till married. Talking to a few moms, highlights that abstinence was never the case. Yes, most women got married to the men that they were sexually active with butContinue reading “Our children and their sexual health”


The saga continues So far summer has been bliss. The planning has taken the pressure of me in amazing ways. Prayer and lots of it has gone into this planning. The idea is to have an enjoyable and memorable summer. For us as parents, the reality of our children growing too fast and time sippingContinue reading “Summer-saults”