Home of the migrant parents raising children in diaspora. We are a community of parents making a difference one family at a time. We host weekly webinars, workshops and summits talking all things parenting.

We are breaking through the barriers, building an inclusive society with diversity at the heart of everything we do. Addressing inequalities and creating powerful communities where every young person can succeed and prosper in spite of their background.


We are a community organization, working to support parents in diaspora. We host weekly webinars discussing all things parenting in diaspora. We facilitate workshops to enhance the parenting experience. Join our community to empower and support parents.


To strengthen the parenting role through webinars, conversations and courses. We are creating a MomBA course that enables mothers to be effective stewards & and able helpers in the home. Research shows that women carry invisible labor in the family home. The course, is there to empower mothers through leadership and management skills in order to lessen this burden. We are keen to deconstruct the narrative that:

“Mother’s work is never done”.


We believe that families are the foundation of society. We know that it takes a village to raise a child. We understand that empowerment through education and raising awareness on all issues parenting is key to strengthening families. We firmly believe that every child deserve a positive parenting experience.

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