To equip migrant parents with knowledge, strategies and ideas to positively raise their children. To strengthen the parenting role through webinars, conversations and courses. To eliminate the fear that is often felt in migrant parenting community; fear of losing our children to the system, fear of losing our children to unknown cultures/ values and belief systems. Fear of being seen as a failing parent and all the other fears that people do not talk about. Intentional Parenting™️ seeks to equip parents with the right skills and mindsets so they can enjoy being parents, so they thrive at it and their children can flourish. We are creating the Intentional Parenting Framework that enables parents to be effective stewards and able helpers in the home. Research shows that women carry invisible labor in the family home. The program, is there to empower mothers through leadership and management skills in order to lessen this burden. We are keen to deconstruct the narrative that:

“Mother’s work is never done”.

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